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Kids Connect & Draw v1.0 (Android)

Kids Connect & Draw is our first game, an educative app for kids from 2 to 5 years.


Let your children play and learn with this educational game. Connect the dots to discover beautiful animals, while learning ordered numbers, letters of the alphabet and basic vocabulary. The funny colorful pictures and sounds will keep your son or daughter engaged and willing to discover more.

This app lets you adapt to any age, by changing the dots size and the painting style. ‘Free drawing’ mode will enable the child to paint by himself his or her first drawings. ‘Straight drawing’ mode is designed for the youngest ones, and lets them complete the circuit by only pressing the circles in order. Also, a hint will help them decide if they got stuck!

You can also use this app to teach a foreign language, making your child familiar with sounds of other languages.

Thanks to BcnDevCon for organize the Hackathon for Education where this project was awarded, encouraging us to make it happen.

Download it for FREE: