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Save the Bees – New game on Google Play

Save the bees

Save the bees

Bees are having a hard time, but we can all do our bit to help save the bees. You do not need to become a beekeeper. Indeed, many other pollinators (not just honey bees) are in serious decline too.

For example, in some countries, like the UK, some bumblebee species have gone extinct already. Many butterfly species are also struggling.

Many of the steps you can take will help pollinators as a whole, as well as the bees.

We need our bees, and putting a stop to bee decline is in everyone’s best interests, and everyone really can do at least something. Having compaigned for several years, I have noticed how awareness has increased greatly, and people are generally trying to help bees by including bee-friendly plants in their gardens, or in pots or hanging baskets by the front door. So……

You CAN make a difference – and collectively we make a BIG difference!

Save the bees on google play
Save the bees on google play





Shapies are about to collapse, stack them up and save them!

This addictive physics-based puzzle will entertain all ages along more than 80 free levels.

Shapies is a free physics-based puzzle stacker game for Android, in which you have to arrange and stack various types of shapes on one another in such away that shapes don’t collapse. This free physics based puzzle game is quite intuitive as it offers you different types of shapes, like: square, triangle, circle, etc. that you have have stack in a way that they don’t fall. It offers you 24 levels soon after installation and in addition, lets you add 65 more levels to your game, simply by sharing it via Bluetooth, email, etc. The levels are quite short and interesting that hold your attention in such a way that you keep on playing the game level after level.

It’s an addictive kind of free physics-based puzzle game for Android. It shows different types of shapes at the top that scroll from right to left. You have to drag each shape and place on the stack at bottom of the screen such that stack does not falls. You can grab shapes only in the order they appear, and this aspect makes the stacker even more challenging. Your performance depends on how much time you take to arrange all the pieces on each another. The lesser the time, the more the stars you achieve. As you proceed from one level to another, the stacker becomes more interesting as it offers you some really difficult scenarios in which you have to use your imagination and brains to stack the pieces in such a manner that they do not fall.

Before you begin, it shows you the gameplay, so that you get a brief idea about how to play the game. To play this stacker, all you need to have is some imagination and curiosity to solve puzzles. As the game begins, time counter starts, that basically records the time you’ve taken to complete one level. Below the timer, a pause button is offered so as to pause the stacker whenever required. You have to drag the shapes provided to you at the top and place them on the solid Black base located at the bottom of the screen.

You have to arrange the shapes in such a way, that they don’t collapse below the solid border. The moment you finish arranging shapes, the clock provided to you on the top of the screen will take complete turn and your stack should not fall during that time. After that, your achievements in form of stars will be displayed along with time taken to complete the level.

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Kids Connect & Draw v1.0 (Android)

Kids Connect & Draw is our first game, an educative app for kids from 2 to 5 years.


Let your children play and learn with this educational game. Connect the dots to discover beautiful animals, while learning ordered numbers, letters of the alphabet and basic vocabulary. The funny colorful pictures and sounds will keep your son or daughter engaged and willing to discover more.

This app lets you adapt to any age, by changing the dots size and the painting style. ‘Free drawing’ mode will enable the child to paint by himself his or her first drawings. ‘Straight drawing’ mode is designed for the youngest ones, and lets them complete the circuit by only pressing the circles in order. Also, a hint will help them decide if they got stuck!

You can also use this app to teach a foreign language, making your child familiar with sounds of other languages.

Thanks to BcnDevCon for organize the Hackathon for Education where this project was awarded, encouraging us to make it happen.

Download it for FREE: