Save the Bees

Save the bees
Save the bees

Bees are having a hard time, but we can all do our bit to help save the bees. You do not need to become a beekeeper. Indeed, many other pollinators (not just honey bees) are in serious decline too.

For example, in some countries, like the UK, some bumblebee species have gone extinct already. Many butterfly species are also struggling.

Many of the steps you can take will help pollinators as a whole, as well as the bees.

We need our bees, and putting a stop to bee decline is in everyone’s best interests, and everyone really can do at least something. Having compaigned for several years, I have noticed how awareness has increased greatly, and people are generally trying to help bees by including bee-friendly plants in their gardens, or in pots or hanging baskets by the front door. So……

You CAN make a difference – and collectively we make a BIG difference!